Melissa Gilbert Receives Michigan Education Association ‘Friend of Education’ Award

[Howell, MI] – Today, Melissa Gilbert announced that she has received the Friend of Education award from the Michigan Education Association.

The Friend of Education award recognizes members and local individuals who have contributed to the cause of excellence in education in the public school districts represented by the Oakland County MEA Coordinating Council.

“We need to revitalize education from top to bottom. If we want to train a twenty-first century workforce, we need a twenty-first century public education system,” said Melissa Gilbert. “I’m honored to receive this award, and in Congress I will fight for investments in education to give our children a competitive edge in the global market and to ensure students graduate from college debt-free.”

Melissa Gilbert is running for Congress in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District against Rep. Mike Bishop, who, while in the Michigan State Senate, voted seven times to cut K-12 education funding, and who recently called to eliminate the Department of Education, which would also eliminate Pell Grants and crucial student aid programs that make college education affordable for working families. In Congress, in 2015, Bishop has voted to slash Pell grants by hundreds of thousands of dollars, which could put college out of reach for more than 285,000 Michigan students who rely on Pell grants and other federal student aid to pay for college.

“Despite being on the Education and Workforce Committee, Mike Bishop has done little to help the everyday students in Michigan’s Eighth District,” said James Stretch. “Teachers in Michigan know that Mike Bishop is no friend of education, and that’s why they’re standing with Melissa this election.”